Pugglesville, Oscar and I have been to the vet twice now. We go to a fairly yuppie vet hospital because it is the most convenient and trusted in the neighborhood and where lots of people bring their designer dogs. The vet there told me that Oscar is the most perfectly bred puggle she has ever seen. She said he is exactly what puggle breeders try to get, but she has seen so many that don't come out right. She said he is a perfect example of his breed. So I just thought you should know! He loves walking on the street now that we're allowed to go out since he has all his shots. He is so popular, it takes me forever to walk just a couple blocks. I have never talked to so many strangers in my life! He is so lovable and my favorite thing is watching him sleep especially when he starts dreaming and his paws twitch. Thanks again for him. Paul - New York, NY
Pugglesville, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't enjoy, and appreciate all the work, and love, that you gave our puppy (Abigail). She's lowered my blood pressure over 7 points. She's helped me through my cancer surgery, and she's just the most phenomenal thing that could have happened to us. A lot of times people don't take the time to contact somebody when they're thinking these things. I'm sure you have a lot of people who think these things, but maybe not a lot who will contact you, and tell you as much. Whatever time you've invested in this puppy was well worth it. We don't go anywhere that she doesn't get rave reviews from everybody that sees her, and approaches her. They rave about her social skills, and everything else about her. She walks 2 miles a day with me helping me to rehab. She's just a phenomenal gift, and I just wanted to reach out to you, and take the time to tell you that, because I know that you work very hard. Thank you very much Pugglesville. George & Karla, Bellevue, WA
Pugglesville, Words fail us. What an amazing little puppy this puggle is. He is so well socialized, content, confident and so very handsome! We had a long drive home from picking him up. He asked for a potty break, and used it to its full advantage. He is confident to play tough with our other dogs and holds his own. He can even tell the time (dinner can't be a minute late). He walks on a leash, responds to commands, and is so loving. The perfect dog - thank you so much Pugglesville. We are very impressed with Pugglesville - They are extremely professional, and the environment is spotless, and a perfect place for a puppy to start life. I would highly recommend any puppy from Pugglesville. Kirsty - Issaquah WA
Pugglesville, "We came to Pugglesville to pick up our little girl Tyra (Sasha's little daughter from her 12/21 litter) and she is absolutely the BEST DOG EVER. She is extremely smart (sometimes too smart) very, very affectionate, and so very beautiful. Tyra is perfect size as well, only 20 lbs, the smallest puggle we`ve met." "Couldn`t ask for more. We do recommend Pugglesville!" Mira - Vancouver, B.C.
Pugglesville, Just wanted to give you an update on Bella. I have attached a picture. As you can see she resembles her mom much more than her dad. She is the sweetest little puppy ever. She was so easy to potty train and can sit, lay down, roll over, stay, and walk nicely on a leash She has a real personality but still loves to cuddle. I am happy that she still has lots of black on her back but she is definitely getting lighter. She is very spoiled. I love my Bella. Thanks so much for raising such wonderful puppies. Deonna - Portland, Oregon
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"Satchel is doing really well. I would say that at 3 months, to the extent of his physical capacity, he is house broken. He is so smart. He comes, and sits on command. He sits quietly, and chews a bone while we eat dinner. He loves to go in his crate at bedtime and sleeps through the night. He is a perfect little pup... not to mention being utterly gorgeous to look at. It is very hard to deny his little face anything. The vet even commented on how nice he was. He LOVES snausages, but the vet also recommended carrots and green beans as treats. He loves them all. Anyway. Thanks for everything - and for such a great dog. Take care," Helene - Everett, WA