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Pugglesville, Eva is just over 7 months old now and is a wonderful girl. She was part of Brigitte's January 2014 litter. She is now just over 17 lbs. In the pictures (the one of her with my youngest child) she was about 3 months old and the other is her now. Eva is a wonderful addition to our family, she likes people but seems to really love kids. The puggle breed is very different from other breeds. Very stubborn and smart, and MUST be with her people at all times.
Pugglesville breeds wonderful puppies with great temperament, looks and health. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dog. Thank you guys for a wonderful addition to our family and should we ever decide to add another pup to our family we will go to you. Kelley and Gary - Gresham, OR
Pugglesville, Thank you for giving us such a great dog! Raider is now 5 years old. He is a good boy and fits in perfectly with our family. He is very social and gets along well with everyone he meets, including other dogs. He loves to run and play in the back yard. His favorite thing to do is chase squirrels, LOL! He is always alert and keeps watch over our house. Nobody can come down our street unnoticed when Raider is on guard duty! Out of all the Puggles I have seen in my town (except for the other one that came from you guys) he is definitely the most handsome! Thank you! Tony and Gloria - Lacey, WA
Pugglesville, We just wanted to send you a picture of our Pugglesville Puggle Ginger. Thank you so much for doing such a good job loving and socializing such happy puppies! We are absolutely over the moon about her! Sandra and Leon - Petaluma, CA
Pugglesville, This is Kona, one of the Puggle puppies from Sasha's August 2008 litter. She's 6 years old now, and we love her more than anything! Such a kind and gentle dog, as sweet as can be. Thank you! Tracie - Portland, OR
Pugglesville, Happy 1st Birthday to our Puggle puppy Emma! I've wanted a dog for 30+ years. The day that my wife said we should get a dog, I was ecstatic, and it changed my life. I never fully understood how people got so attached to their dogs until we got Emma. This little girl has a small piece of my heart, and she brings so much love into our lives every single day. She is such a good, cute and playful puppy. We love Emma and We are truly blessed. Mike - Edinboro, PA
Pugglesville, Just wanted to let you know Felix is doing well. He’s so adorable, smart and playful. He has become very attached to the family. I am sending a picture of Felix on a walk on the beach. He is amazing. We are all so in love with him. You guys did such a great job. He has had two vet checks/shots etc. and is very healthy. They are so impressed with him. Thanks again and let us know if there’s anything we can do for pugglesville in terms of testimonials or references. Jennifer - Kalama, WA