Annie is a very pretty girl. She is one of the younger females in the Pugglesville family and has turned out to be a wonderful Mom. She has a great temperament and absolutely loves puppies.
Brigitte is just an absolute cutie. She is very active and loves to play. Her coloring is slightly different than our other tri-colored beagles, other than Suzy, in that she has far more “dapple”. Only Suzy has the kind of dapple that Brigitte has, but not as much.
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Astrid is just a beautiful dog. She is very cuddly and lovable, and loves to play. Her favorite toy is the rope. Astrid has gorgeous babies, and is a great Mother. Astrid is a very pretty girl.
Freya is just a cutie She is very demur, and that FACE. Her favorite toy is Kong bone, and a rope. Freya’s babies are adorable, and she’s is a great Mother. AND THAT FACE.