People often ask us how we raise our puppies, what they eat, what their daily activities are, where they are allowed to go, etc... Here is a basic outline of a puppy’s life while here at Pugglesville. From birth through weeks 8-9 we strive to give them the best start that we possibly can. We give them as many positive experiences as possible starting from day one. We especially believe that socializing a puppy as early as possible is crucial.
WEEK ONE: The Big day!!! Moms sometimes get very anxious, and very distressed right before and during the process of giving birth. We like to be present from beginning to end to help, and to check the puppies thoroughly, as they are born. It is very important to understand that children, and other adults, especially those that the delivering Mother is not familiar with, can make the Mom even more anxious and distressed, so we simply don't permit this. The puppies are interacted with many times a day, and stimulated by petting, and touching. All puppies are given vitamin supplements daily if needed. The Mother does the bulk of the work during this period, and is extremely devoted. Sometimes it is hard to persuade her to leave them so that she can stretch her legs, and get some exercise.
WEEKS 2-3: Puppies eyes start opening around day 12, so they start getting exponentially more adorable at that point. They are still sleeping most of every day, but we are interacting with them many times a day and are still giving them vitamins supplements if needed. Around week 3, the puppies get exposed to the great outdoors for the first time. Weather permitting, we take them outside, and put them on a blanket. By week 3 Mom is sometimes starting to need a little time away from her babies.
WEEKS 4-5: The puppies really start moving around and at this point and it is now that we start the weaning process. We start by introducing them first to baby rice cereal mixed with goat's milk. Their first exposure to the goat’s milk and rice cereal is always such a hoot. They have no idea what they’re doing, and it is always such a mess, but is so much fun and so funny. We generally make sure that we time our weekly gallery update so that it includes pictures from this first weaning attempt. At about day 4, we start introducing ground up puppy food little by little. It generally takes about two weeks to get them from the goat’s milk and cereal combo to where they are eating just puppy food. They are also acquainted during this time with music, running around our home, and increased time outdoors. By week 5 you start noticing personalities starting to develop. At this point mom is saying “OK I need a break here, and there.” She still spends time with the pups, but is given several breaks a day.
WEEKS 6-7: This is a crucial time for socializing puppies, and introducing them to new various stimuli. The puppies are taken for a ride to the Veterinarian for their first shots, get their first bath, and are acquainted with their playpen where they will soon be taking breaks, and sleeping. The puppies continue go outside more, and check things out. During the summer they are given a chance to play in a wading pool a few times. In the winter the tub works just as well. You can really see their personalities forming now. Puppies are getting wet/dry food mixed several times daily. Weaning is a an ongoing process. They are fully weaned at between 6 and 6 1/2 weeks. At 7 weeks puppies are no longer on any vitamin supplements or goat's milk. Mom loves her puppies, but by weeks 6-7, she really only wants to visit them a few times a day. We are very careful, and protective, with our puppies during outdoor excursions. Puppies are not allowed to be by themselves. The puppies are supervised constantly when outdoors to guarantee they are not getting into, or doing things that might hurt them. They are only taken into public once for a Veterinarian check-up, and 1st shots, and are never allowed to run loose at the vet’s office. This is for their own safety, and because they have not had all of their required inoculations
WEEKS 8-9: This is when puppies are leaving Pugglesville, and going to their adoptive homes. We continue what is mentioned above for weeks 5-7. If your puppy is being shipped we ship starting at just over 8 weeks, and the last several days your puppy will spend a little time each day in their kennel crate. We feel this makes them more comfortable on the day that they ultimately ship.
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